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Corporate Bylaws: A Primer

Corporate Bylaws: A Primer

Bylaws are the structure of the corporation: its election procedures, meeting rules, distribution structure, conflicts of interest, and other important issues that the corporation must address. Think of the bylaws as your corporation’s “laws.” The bylaws are semi-permanent. They can be updated and should be reviewed at least every other year. Contrast the bylaws with Read More

Why You Need a Lawyer to File a Lawsuit

A lawyer greatly increases your chance of winning your case or obtaining a favorable settlement. Fighting a case on your own means you have to prepare the complaint on your own, gather the mandatory initiating case documents and file them with the court, comply with mandatory deadlines which will end your case if you miss Read More

Why You Should Retain An Attorney For Your Business Needs

Non-attorney representatives cannot as effectively represent their clients’ business interests as an attorney because they are not trained to provide the same level of service and are not bound by the same ethical obligations as attorneys. Therefore, if something goes wrong, businesses cannot hold a non-attorney representative to the same professional standards as a lawyer. Read More